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Yes I am now regretting my March challenge to declutter because now I am like “Can I be bothered?” feeling, but I know it has to done and this week I have free, well kind of, because I have been doing a course, but I really don’t feel like decluttering.

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Since beginning of this blog I have sorted out my sons pants and sock draw and so one part done, and it was me saying to myself “Do it now and then its done”. I am not a natural organized person and looking at my desk where I type my blogs, as that is where my Laptop sits is well overcrowded and so this area is going to need a change.

This is what month challenge is going to be, me getting more out of the space I have and working to have a better set up, that makes me feel good about and excited about using that space doing the thing I love, writing and so for this I know I need to make changes, and so I have the time so I am gong to do it.

I do feel that I have begun, sorting out my son pants and sock draw, and next gonna sort out his nightwear and gonna take my time, and gonna try and make mornings my mornings decluttering rather than later.

For me I need to take baby steps and get in touch like running, how I feel once it is done. It helps boost my energy and one step further to where I want to be. I like having the things I love and use around me but in a less crowded space.

As I just wrote this section of this blog tidied one area of my desk and feel better just by taking that step.

House work I don’t enjoy, but the feeling I get once it is done, is where I do feel good. I like the outcome not the doing. How many of you feel this way? I know I am not alone here.

God bless Mary Poppins, she was a terrific woman and I wish she was real as I could do with a spoonful of sugar, or actually less sugar as my downfall is sugar, but its the organizing skills, one click and then its done.

You may like to read my EBook where I talk about making one change a day and not doing it in one go, if that makes you feel overwhelmed.

Things to Change one day at a time : Life doesn’t have to be fast pace but easy, simple and flexible Kindle Edition:


I have written others too like this one, under the names, Carrie Challoner, Carrie Lee Holmes and Carrie Holmes.

It is all about making changes that are easy to do, and feeling calm and not that life is hectic, when we have a cluttered space and being able to open a draw without having a fight to open it or shut it. Opening a cupboard without all the clutter falling on your head, and make it a useful happy place.

With the challenges it is the outcome that I want and to keep building a better place where I have my stuff in order, I have money in my bank account that will be forward and be out of debt and excited about the next stage of my life and keep building and learning. Learning is key to living calmly and what we will do from this point forward and not on what we will not.

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Lets work together and build a community that is full of happiness and posibility.

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Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X