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Hello it September 2022 and it has taken a few days to get over the events of the Queens passing as it was so amazing to see so many people paying their respects and when it comes to a loss of someone it can take a while to readjust and it was such a historic event that kids will be able to tell their kids one day of the last ten days.

Photo by Artem Podrez on Pexels.com

Now it is time to get back to normality and so getting bits done and today I have really had to push myself as I am struggling with my energy levels and been gradually getting bits done but at a steady pace and that the key is “Not to stress over what I needs to be done”, and do it because you want to. It is a bad habit to fall into as when we rush we aren’t using our full potential. It can make us even more unmotivated, and make mistakes, so this morning I have been filming as filming in the mornings works better for me and I don’t always wear make up, but I want my videos to be about me and that is what it is, it’s showing parts of my life that may inspired others, but finding what works for them, using my methods of getting parts of your life sorted out.

I separate my time by doing some work in the mornings and in the evenings and it really is a system to manage what I need to do. Doing a Autumn Reset means Managing your life but for me it has to be “One area at a time”. I can’t do it for my sanity “All at once”. So for example this week I have been filming some videos that were due and wanted to get done, I have been going through my financial goals, then writing this blog post and will be working on my other blog sites and get my Autumn Reset Printable completed to post and work on this months newsletter and then work on my emails.

I have no posh system. I use my diary from TK Maxx, a notebook from the store The Works, One Note and Notion to manage my life. I use a teacher planner for my son Henry to help with managing his life to help keep track of dates and what he had for dinner, what he has been doing and just keeping track, to help him and me. It is have “A I can do it system” and now I have started to feel a live and so gonna use it to manage my life and listen to music, and “Be comfortable”.

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Carrie X

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