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Welcome and thank you for liking my blogs and for following this site, it really is amazing that you like this blog site and are reaching out to you, and find them helpful.

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So it is Day 7 and not doing this on continuous days, but the areas I want to go through and make changes, as sitting here being September, catching up on watching Youtube videos I realise I go through different cycles and do live seasonally, example: I start to want to do crafting and decorate my notebooks and journals, and want to have a hot chocolate and tend to have a bigger sweet tooth.

It is seasonal habits that I subconsciously do and so I do have to watch my weight and find that I find it hard to take a shower because of the cold and want to get ready for bed earlier too.

Getting out of bed is another issue because of the dark mornings and soon the clocks will change again and not wanting salads but hot meals and have a hot drink at the end of the evening, rather than a can of coke. This can effect your wellbeing because it just makes me want to hibernate.

This is why I make it a habit to make my bed now as it can be easy just to leave it, because if not I will get back in and stay there the whole day. I want to stay in my pyjamas all day, which is good to do, I love lazy days but then get that sense of guilt for doing so and feel unproductive, so I have changed and so as much as loved lazy days, I still like to get dressed but do more cozy things like watching a film or documentary.

I like to read and listen to chill out music, then watch repeats of things on TV and so I really have to try my best not to stay in more, but still get outside, so I will layer up because of the cold and just want to be comfortable and still be productive.

I like to go over my habits and I don’t want to be sleeping in, but still get at a reasonable time to get things done and get to where I need to be. I find I don’t want to exercise but this year want to go on regular walks and I love it. I like walking and still do workouts indoors too.

I want to make a habit into doing a new Make up routine where I want to still put on some but not too much and have no make up days still, but not wearing any effects my confidence so I have started a new regime and want to have a clear out of my make up, so I put some on each day of the week perhaps and have no make up days at the weekends. So I go through changes and will be setting myself some academic yearly goals.

Do you live seasonally let me know and what habits you wish to change this part of the year to continue into 2023. You can leave a comment below.

RIP Elizabeth II God save the King.

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