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I have done a intro video on my Youtube channel if you’d like to see it: https://youtu.be/5jzuxzSO96Q

What do you really want out of the reset?

Well I want to as in the previous two blogs, Autumn Reset Day 1: Sorting out my life and getting balance and Autumn Reset Day 2: Finishing Tasks I want to have less of what I no longer need to help bring more abundance. It is important to let go of items that no longer make me happy and have no purpose for now.

Working on finishing tasks, and add developing new habits. Example I want a better fitness routine which I have been struggling with but really want to do. So I now walk whenever I can, use the cross trainer that is in Epsom whilst waiting for my son to return to school.


Use what I have and save more money and keep using what is working that will help with my personal development even more, like I loving my weekly blog schedule to help, like Tuesdays I have film a video, clear and area of my life, working on blogs and work on books and it just help with balancing tasks and getting them completed.

It may be that you feel you have a junk draw that needs to be sorted, and so set in your planner and begin with one item out of that draw a day. This not being silly it really can make a difference as it is a new step forward and have a better clearer draw and you know what you have in it that you still love and what you no longer love.

It could be you have paper everywhere. I have been there and could build a tree, as I love a notebook and if I could live with a thousand notebooks I would. Yet seeing it pile up is not great, so want to use the ones I already have before buying anymore.

I know once I have used the ones I have is going to fulfill me in that I can then be ready to purchase more but like one or two a year than that, and will feel free of my notebook fetish.

So lets make a difference to our lives as we are worth more that the items we keep and no longer make us happy. Life should be fulfilling and feel free from the everyday clutter that can make us to want to disappear and so only Day 3 and feel better already.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Typical London Gal