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When you have so many tasks to complete you can feel bogged down and want to some way scrape them to one side and says continuously “I’ll do it tomorrow” and that tomorrow comes and you procrastinate and do what you can to put if off once again.

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I like writing and on my 10th I think book and I love the writing process, but not the editing part, yet it needs to be done before it is completed and so I then want to write a blog, then put some laundry on and then watch another video and then film a video, and it just never going to be finished if I don’t get my arse in gear. Yet when I do get it done I do then feel better for it, and tell myself “See it’s not that bad after all”.

When it comes to planning I take small steps and have created a block schedule for my week and going to alter my google calendar as there are some things I want to change to fit what I like to do each day, like have a new fitness plan. I want to do more walking each day and do more early morning indoor workouts again, along with a new make up routine as I don’t want to wear it everyday, but because it helps boost my confidence going to put it on and do a quick routine for everyday.

I like leaving my skin to breath, so going to still have no make up, but make it a weekly thing especially for when filming for my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUDFIqjVKLy7NhtcR6Hy0Tg

I have a new online course that I want to get finished for my Educational network and alter my existing courses I have created. You can check these out here: https://carrieseducationnetwork.thinkific.com/

I have a few courses I have been doing and so adding time to do these in my week and due to do some other courses in Childcare, as I want to help support other parents and feel I need to work on my skills and knowledge. Now we are in new academic year feel that I am ready to tackle unfinished projects and that is all you need, making a fresh start can really be great for the mind and for the body.

So do you have some unfinished projects? now it is time to get them done and set a plan. Let’s help each other and please share if you’d like and wish you good luck.

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Carrie X

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