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Do you feel sometimes that life is full of errands, like doing laundry, cleaning, checking my finances, packing for the school holidays and on emails, that you avoid these tasks?

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Yes my hands are up, and I think its because we build too much of hard expectation of ourselves and it usually because we are pleasing others in doing so. I mean we pay our debts because we began not to care anymore about where it is going, and have a load of books still to be returned to the library, but know we are pissing off the bank we are debt with, and return our books to stop the library being annoyed with us and avoid visiting, and not because we actually want to be these things off.

Of course these things need to be done, because of our own insanity and we don’t want these things hanging around our heads, growing and know we want them to be gone. You feel begrudging about the bills you have to pay. So what is the answer?

Well do we want to be debt for the rest of our lives and still have those library books? Of course not and so set a date and each day go through what will help face them to get them done. Create a plan and a goal.

I have used a bit of paper on my wall and set myself a target of paying off my credit card and plan my finances of what needs to come out and what I want to come out. I also go through where I can save money, by going to parks which are free to use, not always having a coffee out and if it a store I use of the time do they have points cards that would lower the amount you pay, like Boots for example I love their points system and use the points I build up on items from their stores.

I enjoy setting myself goals and I do it bit by bit, rather than all in one go.

Invest in what you want and not what you don’t. Go through the things in your life that makes you avoid errands and can you delegate? I am no good at making beds, but I do it because it does help set up my day, but if someone offers, of course I am not going to say no. and the same with having a reset each week. I find that I avoid them because I make them bigger than what they are, rather than seeing that it is not a hard task. Example: Worried about getting up to London and not being up there on time.

So I packed my bag the night before, saw a cash machine on route yesterday as took my son to Wimbledon park, and withdrew some cash and checked the trains the night before and then in the morning, set an alarm and just prepared myself.

Separate errands into sections, and think about how you will feel once the task is done and what it will lead to. I know when I complete tasks I feel a buzzed and that the preparation is the the key.

So don’t avoid get them done, do them but then reward yourself, very important and then go onto the things you want to do and do one together. Example when I have written a blog, I reward myself with watching a video, which is what I want to do, because I love writing blogs, but often will be my own worst critic and editing it can be a process, but I feel really good afterwards and so will then watch a bit of TV, what I want to do. If someone could in help me with editing I would be truly thankful.

It’s all about balance and not getting left behind, as this can be a factor, the time you have.

So break things down, prep and break each task down so its not such a burden to get the errands we plan done and make it enjoyable, example when I write I may listen to a podcast or music, with a cup of tea or coffee, have the window open and wear a favourites T-Shirt, anything that helps boost your enthusiasm to get errands completed so you and focus on the want items.

It is all about living life and making the most of it, why we have it.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Typical London Gal