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Hello welcome to a new blog and thank you for liking my blogs and following me. I just filmed a new video and so going to edit and put this up tonight for my Life Coaching programme, “Summer Project 2022”, and is about Summer Anxieties living in the city and can be body confidence, travelling and going on Holiday in the UK and abroad. If you’d like to watch my videos then you can via this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUDFIqjVKLy7NhtcR6Hy0Tg

Photo by Megan Ruth on Pexels.com

With the summer comes many anxieties and this was not being tanned, but now no longer worry as like looking after my body, and so I just sit outside and enjoy it and now feel happy with my skin tone. I am not moaning about the Summer, because it is nice but find it too hot to sit out in the heat all day so one habit that I do to protect my skin, I go out in the morning and plan as I write this blog to go out there in the garden and read some of my book later when it begins to cool down and sit in the shade.. My food habits change too, and I eat and wake up early. This morning being a Sunday I do find because I don’t set an alarm get up later, and did get to sleep in today, and then took Henry, my son this morning to one of our local parks and was lovely in the shade watching him making friends with other kids playing football.

It is good to plan for the summer and do different things compared to what you do in the Autumn and Winter and still be productive. I find I am more prone to do exercise in the summer and soon my son will be breaking up for the School Summer Holidays and so going to make sure that I plan ahead and let the worries go. Living in a city it is good that there are always shops to get any bits you may forget and eases the anxiety and worry. Worry is a habit that I try and stay clear of because it can effect me enjoying the day. I get to explore and enjoy my son’s company and him enjoying himself, to create good memories and share such great times.

I have suffered with anxiety since a kid and has become a habit that I have found tricky to stop because I have had it for so long. I now do different practices to stop those feelings of self-doubt that has often dictated my life. I listen to Mel Robbins who developed the 5 Second Rule and The High 5 Habit, and have tried both and they do exactly what she says and has helped me since i discovered her videos and books. #melrobbins

So lets all have a good summer and will be back with more blogs and videos. You can also find my content on Pinterest too and I am also on Instagram and have two other Youtube channels and other blogs, see below:




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