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So first off, I want to say a big thank you to all your feedback, liking my blogs on this site and you help me build it up and inspire too, and I love being part of the “Blog Community and network” so thank you and for following me truly, utterly grateful.

I have also written a blog about Understanding the mind and gaining control, and a new Youtube video talking about being productive living in a city, see these following links:


Being productive living in a city

Rising to the top was an idea I had watching the Winter Olympics, and how much training that these athletes do to get to be a gold medallist and even compete and it means training every single day so it becomes like drinking water.

I bet some have had falls from doing for example Snowboarding, and ended up in hospital, but they still continue on to rise to the top.

Now we aren’t all going to be able to have a gold medal but doesn’t mean you’ll never rise to the top, because we all have it within ourselves to be better to what we already are, for example I knew that if I continued dancing and gaining my medals I would win the cup for the highest marks and I did it.

I needed a weekend job that suited my lifestyle being a mum and finding something I could do that would not interfere with looking after my son, and so found one and recently I wanted to stop working in a call centre to do Childcare and Housekeeping. I wasn’t good as a housekeeper but I did love the nursery work I did.

Due to circumstances couldn’t continue on because of the hours and because of COVID, but doesn’t mean that I failed or didn’t accomplish anything, because I did. It helped me to build my experience in one of the sectors I wanted to work in.

Now I am going to be doing a number of courses to help me build up my knowledge in Life Coaching, working in Mental Health and Teaching Assistant.

This blog I created because I was searching answers to change the way that I felt about my life. I felt I hadn’t achieved anything but I have. I did the Great North Run, I was able to travel to Florida for Christmas and went business class, and it was nice to live that lifestyle and now I want to create more dream holidays and memories.

Rising to the top comes with many paths and roads you follow and hurdles for example, after doing the Royal Parks run I couldn’t walk properly as I had Runners Knee and it hurt, but then I continued to do more running and walking.

Yet I completed the half marathon and once I did these events would reflect and made me see you don’t need to be a millionaire to succeed in life, but what you put into it that matters.

So never feel you can’t rise to the top in whatever your passion is because trust me you can.

I am writing and doing these Life Coaching Projects, because I want to help others build success and achieve more in their lives too, and have a better summer and a better year. I want to see people thrive and having the things you have dreams of to come true to you aswell.

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