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Hello! So I have just filmed a new video to go up about setting goals, and the one thing I do to help achieve my goals is map out of the things I want to grow and to help improve my videos and blogs. Life is about growing and continuous learning. This video will go up onto my Main Youtube Channel, in the next couple days, and I did upload a video yesterday about Summer Anxieties: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUDFIqjVKLy7NhtcR6Hy0Tg

I love to learn new things and keep building and building. This is why I will with each notebook I use create a map of the current things I am working on, and helps to workout where I need to do to market my videos and blogs, and need to share my videos more via my social media, and I have not been doing so. This is helps find the cracks in your life that could do with a bit of attention.

So get a piece of paper or a note and begin, and I have written about this in a book that are on Amazon, under the names, Carrie Challoner, Carrie Lee Holmes and Carrie Holmes.

It is like a more structure brainstorm and I did write a book about this too Called Brainstormind and again keep them together with your map and focus on one area at a time.

I am now going to work on putting my 3rd Quarter goals and I use One Note to do this but going to change it to put it up on my Notion account and would recommend. Not sponsored at all, it is just what I need to keep myself up to date with important and less important lists.

So go on create those maps and colour code if it helps and make it your own.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X