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Yes, yes and yes, tomorrow is the last day, and want to document it and to say thank you for reading my blogs and liking my content, I want it to reach out to you. I love being part of the blogging world and it has been one of the most amazing experiences I have ever discovered. This is not a goodbye, as next it will be my “Summer Project 2022”.

I never knew what Life Coaching was, and so when feeling low and felt my life wasn’t going anywhere I discovered Tony Robbins and has changed how I see my life. I am bopping at the moment listening to Jess Ware “Please” and it such a feel good song, and if you have had a bad day or a busy one, then put on some tunes and enjoy. I see music as poetry and connects me to the world and grown up using music as therapy and to mark different parts of my life.

Reading books is my next love and one that I would not do without, and love reading whilst travelling to wait for son to return from school and I do videos on my Youtube called All About books on my channel,

Typical London Gal, and review the books I have read and trying to read one a month and so important to help me write my own books. I do have quite a few, on amazon.com under my two names, Carrie Challoner and Carrie Holmes.

I then next thing is taking a shower each day and my first tea of the day and coffee. I don’t feel right when I don’t have these items, and would not change a thing. They help me function and so why change that? I know they say Caffeine is bad for you, but I feel it has benefits, I do drink decaf tea, but with coffee no. I love the kick it gives me so why change that? It is good to have things that you enjoy.

The next thing I enjoy is listening to podcasts and been listening to these on a daily basis. The ones I have been listening to, is Mel Robbins and Vern Cotton.

I do enjoy exercise to and do a short workout, just six exercises and then walking, and playing out in the garden with my son. I don’t do complicated or too extreme, but just enough to feel the results. If you don’t already, and you’d like to be updated when I post on this site then you can do that by following me and I do write other blogs too, see the links below:










Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X