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I never thought I’d be reaching this point in my life, if you’d had seen me last year, spending time in a mental health hospital, yet here I am with over a hundred followers, so thank you for the time you have spent on reading my blogs, it is truly touching and drives me to create more that reach out to you and that you find them helpful to you.

I have created a new Life Coaching video about Managing your life/new habits and making your life your own.

As I write this blog I am listening to the song “Wind of change” brilliant song, and I want to be able to whistle in tune and learn how to play electric guitar. So that is a new habit I have created there, lets see if it happens. I will let you know.

Habits can last a life time, but they have to benefit you. I want to whistle so I can write more songs. as I do like to write music and still have that ambition of wanting a song I have written on the radio, and is a dream that never goes away.

I have just recently been doing new habits, not having my phone near my bed until the next day to put it on charge, but not at night. This has been uplifting and now I know that this will be a new one I know I will follow through with, along with making bed, which I had been trying to do, but never kept but now it is a must, to not attempt me to get back into it.

I have also been doing my indoor workouts, and it is good to get in touch with your body and just stretching, lifting weights and walking, really makes a massive change in the way I think and see myself, the human body is amazing of what it can do, so get in touch with it. Take up a skill that you’ve been wanting and get into the habit, and not rush into it. TAKE YOUR TIME!

Keep them relevant to what you want to achieve by following new habits and feel. That is important, like not driving everyday to work, but walk on some days, to save money on petrol, to then use that money to save for something else.

The other habit I have been doing, is taking off my make up with a wet hot flannel and feels so good, and really has made a difference to my skin, not getting dry and I just use hot water from the tap, and in the mornings, I will use my face wash. So it is little habits like that one, that can make a difference to how you live your life.

So get a pen and a pad and write about the habits you do and what others that will help you, and pick ones that you can begin right away. If they make you excited and happy, then they are working.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X