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If there are things in our life that has not worked out, it doesn’t mean your life is over, it means it wasn’t meant to be. We can often feel like a failure, and beat ourselves over the head with it, example, starting a new job and you realise it isn’t what you thought and the format is not for you.

All experiences in our lives count to us growing and finding the job that is what you have been looking for. I want to work in childcare and so I have been trying different ways I can work within this industry to find the role that matches the one I want. It is good to have direction and trying different routes, but keeping in mind the expectations you have, to find the one that makes you feel like “Yes this is my dream” and makes you excited each day. Its not good if you dread it, because it can effect your wellbeing.

If it isn’t the right job then it is fine. Noone’s going to blame you for trying. Life is full of choices and we all in our lives will take a different turn.

You should never give up, but keep moving on and get on with it. Stop the worry, the analysing and the guilt, but put it down to life. It is all about choices and finding what works and what doesn’t.

If you allow life to be hard work it is going to be. If you keep giving yourself a hard time, then ask yourself “Do you want to be doing this all your life?” It can be draining, and so beating yourself up is sole destroying that doesn’t help, so getting rid of those feelings will help you breath and take stock of where your life is heading and set goals and trying new habits is the key to carrying on and letting go.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X