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Hello and welcome! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for following me on this site and liking my blogs it really is truly wonderful and helps me to create more content to reach out to you, and so thank you for all your kind feedback.

I have my next Newsletter for March, see here if you’d like to read it:

I think a lot of us can identify with Climbing Mountains, as life can feel like we are trying to reach the top of our lives but not accomplishing it. Many events in life can have an influence, like a lose of someone or you lose your job and feel unhappy that can come with that. Yet there are so many things you can do to get out of feeling that way, you can feel that there is nothing there for you now, because that security of a job has now gone and now you are on your tod trying to find the next chapter to your life.

Let me tell you, there is plenty to do, such as:

  • Creating an online course. I use Thinkific and it is a brilliant way to share your skills with other people. Please check out my online courses: https://carrieseducationnetwork.thinkific.com/
  • Creating a book. Iove writing stories, and for a while I put it on hold, but so glad I started again, and there are some brilliant people out there that can help you. I like watching a lady called Sara Cannon, and has a site called Heartbreathings. Amazon has made it easy for you to upload a book, so give it a try, you never know. NEVER LIMIT YOURSELF
  • Start a fitness routine. I love walking it helps my mind so much and I make sure I do some each day, and workout indoors. Taking up a dance class. I did dancing and really good in meeting new people and feels like fun rather than running if this is not your thing. Check out these blog sites I write blogs for: https://sportsandfitnesspassion.wordpress.com and, https://getfitgetactivewithme.blogspot.com
  • Take that holiday. I was made redundant when working for a call centre and the campaign I was working on, moved to Poland so I couldn’t continue, and we all knew that it was coming, and so the Christmas before that happened I took me and my son’s dad before he was born, to Florida. I went first class and it was so worth it, and so take a break, the world doesn’t need to stop, and treat yourself.
  • Spend time changing your environment. Staying in four walls is never going to help, or being somewhere that you don’t like and want change. Find the place that makes you smile and give you a good new lease of endorphins.
  • Get rid of assets that you no longer need. Sometimes having a good sort out, and declutter can help the mind and start a fresh and a new beginning, and so if there are assets that no longer serves a purpose, give them to someone else who might have use for them, and sell.

Life can hit a block in the road, that is life sadly but getting up and changing what is stopping you from getting on the top of the mountain can make the climb a breath.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X