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Hello, so thank you for your likes and follows and really means the world to me, and allows me to see what topics you like me sharing on this site.

Tomorrow it is St George’s yet it doesn’t always get celebrated or publicized, and gives me more reason to celebrate the day, and I am English and should be able to celebrate without feeling I shouldn’t.

It was when St George died and so for me I like celebrating these occasions and dates.

What special date you’d like to celebrate?

Does it inspire you?

What I get out of it is being present and being proud of where I come from.

I think we should feel that way. Not to hold it against anybody or to look down upon someone, but as apart of your heritage and have fun with it. I know there will be a lot of people celebrating the Platinum Jubilee, and have street parties. I love that we do that in England and being part of it is why I celebrate such occasions. It is good to pass these special days down like Easter too, to my son.

Check out my new Newsletter for April, which has a list of special days I like to celebrate, and of what is to come next in my content and bring more to the table and help and support you all.