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I have just watched a TV programme about a mother called Anne, who faught for justice over the losing her son at Hillsborough in 1989 and I remember seeing this tragic event happen, when at my nans and thought that my cousin had gone. In the progamme she fights with other Liverpool supporters who also lost love ones too, protest to have the case reopened to get the verdict she and the other families wanted, which was unlawfully killed. Ninety seven supporters were crushed to death and the blame was put onto the Liverpool fans, when actually it was the football ground and the Police on that day.

Liverpool FC - ITV drama to tell inspirational story of Anne Williams

It inspired me to write this blog because in order have actions taken in your life it is good to find those people who can help you and give you full support. We are all allowed to fight our corner and speak out and should never be shut down by anyone.

Have you ever had a time where you have chatted away about something then got blanked and that person then turns to talk to someone else or completley changed the subject? It can be so annoying and you feel unworthy of speaking and so when it comes to life to help build it, it is good to find good amount of human support by the right people that can help you, but not knock you down, and don’t turn their back on you.

They may put up a defence towards what you want to do or talk about more to protect you, but will support you in the end.

If they just don’t want to listen, then they aren’t worthy of your attention either as I see it and find those who won’t do that. They can be easily found, it can be finding a network of people that do what you do and have the same mindset, it can be someone you work with, a friend of a friend or someone who has randomly spoken to you without them worrying who you are.

You want people who won’t trash over your success and your dreams and ask if they can help and still allow you to be in charge of it, but thankful that they have offered. It means they will do whatever you want with good intentions and not destroy it.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X