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So today has been about Boris Johnson and how him and his party had a full on party when everyone else followed the Social Distancing rules and went through Lockdown and its like the expenses scandal where they denied all knowledge of it, when there is photo evidence.

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We all have to share this world and when people like the Prime Minister goes against his rules in Lockdown makes us lose faith with people in his or her position, and when he was asked he smirked and for me it builds my mind in stereotyping Members of Parliment.

I don’t trust them.

If you want to share this world we should all be achieving the same thing, to make us and everyone in our lives and others happy and be able to live like they wish too, and COVID made us all pull together as we are part of this planet and should be looking after each other, but that we couldn’t see all of our family.

We as sitizens took on board the rules, yet from the evidence seen Boris thinks because he is in top position that is allowed. Really? So what part did that play that you can have a party but we can’t?

We as adults should be setting a good example, and for a better world follow the rules that is set out.

Why make up rules you know you can’t follow yourself as it causes distrust and what MP’s are immune and can do what they like?

Living in this world in which we share what causes the most conflict is dishonesty and feeling that there are double standards, and that people who don’t care but make out they do aren’t the successes we want to see and doesn’t inspire but the cause of why the wrong people take power when there are better people out there.

If you want to be in charge then remember everyone should follow the rules especially those at the head of state, and once they break the rules should not be in position that causes others to do the same.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X