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So do I believe in resolutions?

For a long time I did but rarely achieved them so for me I like making Life Changes that I know I can continue and stick too. My goal for this year was create more a EBooks and I did that. I wanted to expand my blogs and I done that too, and so for me no, resolutions don’t work, but Life changes do.

This year it is going to be expanding myself and I have created a printable on my Intentions for this year.

Here is it if you’d like to do the same:

I feel intentions help towards goals and creating new habits. I want to be more healthy and so I have done that subconciously by drinking water at the end of the day and in the mornings, I do 6 exercises workouts that fit into my current lifestyle and have more time to play with my son and I want to next look into having my own home, new job as well as working on my books, blogs, videos and online courses.

The other life change is constructive purchases and build more savings and to save myself more money in otherways. Example I want to print off my membership Barcode to start earning rewards when purchasing items I need from H&M, like if I need more leggins and saw a lady wearing pinstripe leggins, so want to save to be able to buy

I have got into the habit of setting targets for myself to expand my content and work on my Youtube channels and grow as a writer, being a mum and learning more things that will help me mentally and physically to.

So lets get this new year kick start and enjoy being in 2022.

Happy new year and many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

P.S: I also have a youtube channel and had done many life coaching videos on there and so can find my under: