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I don’t see my life as perfect, but someting that is growning as I am, and I feel that I am still learning, and really we learn everyday.

You need to often be ruthless and if we feel out of control, it is important to gain it back and not allow others detate, but respectng people more and have respect for ourselves too.

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We need be with like minded people, who want to see us grow and have a life that makes you happy, not feel like a tug of war.

It should be about you for a change and so take time to be with yourself aswell as socialising, be with yourself.

If there are people who can’t accept you, for who you are then, that is fine, I am not expecting everyone to be my BFF, but I still want to the best for them.

Take a lunch break if you often don’t, as working all day can tire us out and when this happens to me, I often find it is hard to put one leg in front of the other, forget working.

Have a holiday, if you often don’t and even if it is staying at home, so not necessarily going anywhere or staying anywhrere else, just time to do different things.

Like booking a manicure or a pedicure, visit the gym, go for a walk and take yourself on holiday somewhere if you need a change of senory.

Create a yearly tradition if you don’t have any, or the ones you had faded away. This could be like I do, go for a Christmas day walk and and restart my fitness routine and meet up with people I haven’t seen for a while.

Have that time to go through what you want to add to your life, that will help you not fall of the wagon, and after half term if you are a mother like me, to use that time to go to a Spa or on a retreat somewhere, if you can find a friend or family you can trust looking after the kids whilst you have a break and just be good to yourself.

It is about taking time out for yourself and why not after you drop you kids back to school, go for a regular brisk walk somewhere.

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