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It is almost the end of another year and before you know it we will be in 2022, and it is getting to the time where I will set my goals for the year to follow 2021 and so I will be checking through mine and creating new ones.

I will be creating printables to help you set goals too.

See Printables I have made for your happy journal, I have put together these for you to use how ever way you wish.

It is important to me to set them up and it helps me to grow and development. It will mean new books to be written and more projects.

I will be setting myself more monthly challenges and have an even better year than this year, and wanting to be in a new home, and see more of my son.

There are more projects I want to do along with monthly challenges as I really enjopyed the ones I did this year, and to come out of my comfort zone.

The Catorgories I am setting for myself is under Personal/Home, Work and Play like this year.

When it comes to separating your goals, it is good to write them out first, an then organize them.

Be precise about them and make little goals in between the ones you achieve.

I like to go over the previous year that I can help in the next one, and as the year evolves up date them if things change.

You have to understand there will be hurdles but they should spear you on to achieve the goals even more.

So look out for my blogs on this channel and more blog will getting ready for the new year to follow.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X