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So if you could put happiness in to a jar what would you put into it?

I have created a sample and have created a downloadable print out with a section where you can fill it in.

This can be anything see the picture below:

I have a PDF version which has more pages.

It can be anything within reason, of course don’t be offensive, but what would make up your happinesss potion if this existed?

What would it smell like. For me it would be Vanilla and Cinnomon, and Lavender.

If you could choose a song to put in the jar, what would be?

Mine would be “My turn” by Diana Ross. Whenever I hear it reminds me of my life and the line I’ll let it rain, because the rain is not gonna hurt me, has been my moto.

What if it is a job or career you have dreamed of, what would this be?

I listed mine above in the picture of the jar, and it is writing for a magazine, as I watch Sheer Lux on Youtube, and would love to be part of that world.

With the list I have made, you can add items in as much as would fit in the jar, and have different jars, for what would make you happy.

The PDF you can print of and put into your happines folder or use it to make your own documents and use mine as a guide for you.

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So more to come soon.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrrie X