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So first of all. Thank you so much in liking my blogs on this site and so happy that you liked my 30 day challenge I did on this site, it really means everything to me.

In this blog post I am talking about Restart your life anytime not just for the New Year.

Photo by Lucas Pezeta on Pexels.com

When it comes to restarting your life it means putting a lot to rest. If you aren’t feeling happy with certain people in your life, either discuss this with them and moving on to more like minded people who you do feel you have a connection with.

Have a life cleansing routine or ritual, for me this is when I spend time having a shower, using a body scrub, wash my hair and do some exercise and writing.

Getting projects that are overdue done and set a day of when you want to complete them, and then follow the cleansing routine or ritual as a reward to yourself.

Change the things you read, wear and use by rotating system, where by you sort out of say clothes and to make sure they get worn you go through what you have worn a lot and what you haven’t so to make sure you do get to wear those clothes you love, take them out to remember to do so. I like to go through my clothes of items worn or not worn for a while to wearing and have all my autumn and winter shoes out ready to wear.

Stop the self doubt and start living the life you want, like you already are. Dreams can be as big as you want them to be, and often you need patience and determination and keep seeing the vision and develop it as you get closer to your dreams.

Never allow others dictate your life for you, but have a network of support who you know will help drive you forward and when you set yourself up to be heard then do so and raise the bar of your success.

For me it is getting rid of the passed and being in the now and what is next in your life.

Just be worthy of yourself and give yourself praise and vision of how you would like to feel about you, and what gives you a neverending successful feeling and dreams are to live, breath and remember to take it all in, so you don’t miss it.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X