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So I am not saying to disrespect the new year and I know “We are still in October, please talk about the new year when in December”, but this for me is when I start to set my goals for the end of this year, to end the year in a bang and start the new year off with a bang, but they will things that will change my life forever not just because its the end of an old year to a new one.

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Each year I get emotional over the end of it, because it is another one gone and I feel pressure sometimes, that I have to step it up even more.

I still don’t have all my goals achieved due to the circumstances, yet I am gonna keep them to achieve for next year and I go through them, to see if any of them have changed and if I have to alter any.

Each year I make a lot of life changes, but no resolutions, as they to me aren’t a one time thing, but items I can achieve through out the year and again, and are life changing.

So, I am gonna sit with a notepad today and start planning up to the end, my goals for the end of this year, and to then carry them over and add more, for the following year.

I will create some printables to set you on the treck to ending the year and to start a new one, so you can restart your life, but lowering the pressure.

This means creating a new vision board and planning my programmes for next year, as in the Spring I am going to do like this year, “2022 Spring and Summer Programme” and will be like this year, building a better year and life for ourselves.

I will be going through items that hold me back and address them and creating new challenges for myself.

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