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What do I mean by power, no sense of control over your life, but you try to grab it by the horns and say “No I want control back” but it is not there. You miss the bus, but other days you make it. That is something that could effect your day and now you’re late and feel that panic or at the moment the petrol stations have been chockerblock due to people needing petrol and there not being enough due to the Lorrys that are supposed to delivering it and everyone it queuing in their cars to get petrol.

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Then I worry about the buses what if they run out, how would we get anywhere, yet is there a way to gain control? Yes, travelling by a different route, like instead of a bus get the train instead. Then there are taxis and not turning up and you have business meeting. What can you do to gain control? again use the train or see if a coworker had a car who has petrol to see if they can pick up en route.

Basically if you want to get somewhere urgently we has humans will always find a way. That is with everything. Of course with COVID alot of things have got effected making work difficult and has gained control of what we do and where we go.

Can you get it back? Yes by using social media and going digitial on some things, like to do lists and managing the calendar and using the post to send cards out and contacting people. As said you will always as a human being find a way.

I keep that in mind with the things that go on in my life where I feel things are beyond control, like being stuck on a bus like the week just gone and was late to meet my son after he finished school, and that meant texting Henry, my son’s dad to make sure someone he is there for when Henry is bought back from school.

So never fear the power is with in you so remember if you lose a bit of control of your life, you will find a way to gain control again.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X