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Commenting on someones weight, commenting on somebody’s life and commenting on someones dreams.

Has this been you? I hate those who judge other people and I have caught myself from doing so and it is “Who are you to judge?” it is not up to me and people say “Yeah in an ideal world” but do you have to judge other people? Getting to know people, yes, listening to people, yes and seeing the big picture of what is truly going on in someones life, yes.

When People Judge: Why It's Not Really About You

There is a 10 commardment of don’t judge those on how you wouldn’t like them to judge you.

Yet people still do it and it seeing it, it’s their actual problem not the person they are judging and in some way they get satisfaction from that.

It is often because it feels good to throw a hurt at someone when it goes for those that judge and making assumptions about people yet they haven’t given that person a chance to be heard yet they expect others just be quiet and its looking down on people for no real reason.

There are people who don’t like my approach in being laid back and flexible, but I have seen better things in doing so and I am a open minded person which gets judged a lot of too.

I am not someone who follows always on how someone else lives but I set standards for myself as I can says I don’t know everything yet in some peoples mind it is “Well you should?” There are things that I am good at like writing and the feedback has been an eye opener and I know that my words are doing more than just words but they do have meaning and when began blogging had no idea of whow they would be received.

So, for me it is:

Get to know that peron who you see. I always go on if they are good and lovely for real its when you actually meet them that counts and you can tell from 5 words if they are really a nice person or not and their body language too.

If you feel that you have been judged then ask them “Why are you judging me?” and be open to then give then a sense of control still but make it clear you have boundaries and you don’t like to be judged and you’ll find if you do it, they are the ones who will begin screaming and shouting.

So look after yourself and #BeKind to yourself too.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X