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Hello and welcome to Day 7 where I am posting everyday for 30 days (so the entire month) on this site and thank you for the likes I have received so far it really means the world to me.

So, What a day is like for me? Well I do a Day in a life videos on Friday to Sunday, or just Saturday sometimes, and in the week Tuesday’s and Wednesdays.

I start between 6:30 to 8am to get my first cup of tea of the day along with some breakfast. Being a writer I do have various things to do each day and soon i will be doing other work whilst I keep writing my books, blogs, creating Youtube videos and online courses. Check out my site: https://carrieseducationnetwork.thinkific.com/

Blog and book writing is hardwork as coming up with new ideas is tricky yet I have done it and now on this site alone I have over 100 followers and it keeps me on my toes but makes me see that what I am trying to achieve with my writing, is happening.

It has taken a long time, but for me it is a lot of conmunity based and I love being part of the Blog and Book writing world.

I will drink Caffienated drinks as I feel it helps me take a break and keeps me from feeling sleepy throughout the day. I will have a snack or two, but moderately and I will fit in some exercise and today I wrote some notes whilst sitting in the park.

I will take a break from posting any blogs live and that is on Sundays, and Mondays and Thursdays I use this time not filming day in a life videos use it to do some Admin, like updating my schedule as I like to block schedule my days. I hope to be able to work in the local library at some point again or in a coffee shop which has good Wifi.

I always go for a walk and do errands, I will clean my work base and look after my room, and then wind down and swtich off from the day.

It can be so easy to work, work and work, but then it can become like a chore which I avoid and so will do different things each week rather being repetitive keeping it fresh, but enjoying it at the same time.

So I hope this blog has been informative and more blogs to come as I continue my 30 day challenge.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X