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Looking back on my childhood I didn’t come from a home where my parents had a lot of money, yet I was still given pocket money. That is something I’d like to do for Henry. I also encourage you to open a bank account for your kids, that can help him when he gets older, and I want to keep adding to it, so he is financially secure.

I have also been someone who is level headed and get along with different types of people. I was a kid who played out on a housing estate, and my friends and I would use the whole length of our estate that it was the norm to play out. As a kid I would play out all of the time and then it stopped. So now going over that memory I love more than anything to be outdoors.

Walking I have done since I was young and it is a good exercise to let go of worries and just chat with someone if you have walking buddy, or on your own and when out like to meet others and say good morning to other walkers too.

Keeping tab on my emotions, and if I need a cry I do. It really helps if I am under a lot of strain often need to cry, not so much now as I am in a good place physically and mentally, but I try not to hold them in. A reason why I journal a lot.

it is a good way to document how you are feeling and find it really useful when I having not such a good day. It was raining a little whilst out, but didn’t hurt me know. Getting doors for me is a breath of freshair, then I am going to see if can fit in walking everyday, around any appointments that I have.

Since a kid I have always loved reading, different types of books and feel that this is the one the most useful and empowering tool you can ever have,, and I will always continue to do this. I love a book which has a lot of funny dialogue, to more serious stories.

So what things have you done since a kid, is there anything that you use now? You can leave a comment below

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X