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Life can be too much, and I know “Stating the obvious” but we need balance and stability in our life. Yet it can be hard to come by at times and I find when I am near my menstrual cycle I am super stressed and lethargic.

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I am so focused on my writing that I forget to give myself time to rest and recuperate. So now I am going to slow down my work by posting a blog a day at a time, than rather doing too many.

So Good practices to help you to have a stressed free day:

  1. Having a good hearty breakfast and have time to yourself to shower and get ready for the day
  2. Text a friend to meet up and have some BFF time and have a catch up
  3. Take time in your day when you schedule to read a book or listen to a good podcast
  4. Watch a documentary, I love these videos as I find it refreshing in a way and inspiring
  5. Make sure you don’t over work by taking substantial breaks from it and organize a space to do other things
  6. Make everyday count, and set yourself goals one day at a time too
  7. Look forward to better days and have pampering hours, where you get your hair done and make up and paint your nails anything that helps you have a happier less stressful day

Many thanks for watching,

Carrie L.M X