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Hello and welcome! Thank you so much for your loyal company and liking and following my blogs on this site, it really is a breath of freshair when I see that you have followed me and liked my posts.

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In this post I am doing My Review of 2020 which I am going to do each year. My Review of 2020 is very mixed I started it by being a bit of a state to the point I was fighting and taking the pisss out of those that were trying to hurt me.

I lost a few people this year too, and was devastated. Kelly if you can hear me I love you to bits and I know what she’d say:

“See ya later allegator”

“Right back at ya Croccidile”.

Do I believe in recarnation? Yes because there was a little girl in South Park Gardens that looked just like Kelly as a little girl and she looked at me like Kelly did when she was a baby, and it did bring me to tears, but saw Kelly in this little girl and prayed, that if that is her, that she lives on and has the life she wants, and not taken away so cruelly.

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I found my true love, and he has been a breath of freshair and has saved me in so many ways. I love everything about this guy and he makes me feel fullfiled every time we talk and see each other.

I started to write music again, which I hadn’t done in a long time and have a song out that is in an advert.

Many more stars and inspiring people have passed away this year, like Eddie Large, Sean Connery, the wonderful Barbara Windsor and Dame Vera Lynn, check out my posts about few of these people:



Dame Barbara Windsor: EastEnders Actress Dies at 83 | PEOPLE.com
Images from: https://www.pexels.com/photo/crop-person-using-laptop-with-empty-screen-in-bed-near-cup-of-tea-placed-on-notebook-3975580/

I will be writing more about celebrities that I have found inspiring.

I found Barbara Windsor inspiring because she came from a poor background, a family like mine at times, scrimping and scraping but became a household name, and my blogs have grown like I have, and I have learned a lot this year and one is realising that I am gno longer a jealous person, as it was those that were like that, that tried to stop me from one thing I love to do, and that is write my blog posts.

Jealousy can turn someone who was once a lovely person to a worst version of themselves. Check out this blog post which is related to that:


I have seen the good and the bad this year, and just because you have known someone for a long time, doesn’t mean they are loyal, especially if they continue to let you down when meeting up or you know they are slagging you off behind your back.

My marriage came to an end and I moved out to live in Wimbledon and found that my true love was living around the corner from me. It is amazing how you can find true love on your doorstep but yes it is true.

I have written a few books this year, Like the Peabody years, which I took down from Amazon to rewrite as it was quite short and there were a whole load of stories I wanted to add. I wrote a few EBooks this year and if you want to check these out, go to Amazon.com for details or click on the links below,




So what changes do I want to employ in my life?

I want to build my confidence to speak to my camera again to film more Youtube videos. My confidence to film for my Youtube channel plummited and really want to bring this back.

The one thing I didn’t get to do was to go on holiday which I would like for next year and would like to walk more and get up at a reasonable time again, as I am sleeping onto early afternoon or later and that takes over a whole day.

My body clock is all over the place as I don’t sleep at night because I have had a lot of terrible nightmares.

I was put on different medication called Quetipin, as I was suffering a lot with depression this year and at one point very suicidal.

However, I want my blogs to continue to be successful and relative to those who like this blog site.

I want to live life and not exist which I have written in a lot of blog posts this year, but is true. I was with someone who was obsessed with cleaning, but am I going to get remembered for being the person always washed up after herself? NO! I want to be seen as a successful writer who was never afraid to show her feelings to those who she loved and made it clear that no matter how much I put myself down sometimes I do have respect for myself and others.

I want to work on TV and have one of my books made into a TV series and is a real ambition of mine and would like to write and publish more books and want two to be publised by the end of this year.

I have a new Online Course which is a Child Safety course so I will let you know when this is ready to be launched and published.

Please see my current ones:


So I will be writing more as we end this year to go into a new one and I hope you have a good rest of the week and then it is the weekend again.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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