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Free Photo | People enjoying themselves at rooftop party

So looking ahead to 2021 I want some changes to come my way and I have set my goals that I am going to talk more about in my Self Confidence blog I write on my related site: https://buildingselfcon nfidencetud.blogspot.com

My self confidence is one of the areas I want to work on.

The Winner takes it all, is a line from a famous ABBA tune, but I think about when I think of when there people so jealous and become the worse version of themselves and next year I am going to get rid of such feelings that I had like that, as it is not good trait and makes you bitter. Those people who are like that end up playing games and I don’t like those that do that, as they end up making you do the same.

Looking forward to 2021 I want,

  • No more jealousy and hatred
  • Have more habits or rituals that I look forward to
  • No more sleeping in, I have done this recently, so going to set my alarm for 9am everyday
  • Speak out more from my mouth instead of my head all of the time

These are going to be life changes for 2021, so I can keep away from Jealous people as they will often befriend you, then slowly stab you in the back. I am not scared or anything I just don’t want such people in my life, and stay away from misery.

I am going to get out more and sit and have a drink in a pub, even if it is an non-alcoholic drink, and create more videos for my Youtube.

Life changes are better than resolutions as you are more likely to stick with them, and they become a breath of fresh air, rather than a burden, which resolutions can be.

I am going to a few football matches next year, as I am very proud to say that the boys I coached when they were under 8 are now playing premiership football, yes indeed and I am dying to see them, as apparently they are doing really well, and want to make sure they are okay and I am absolutley proud of everyone one of them. If you have seen them do you notice something they do, when they are substituted. I installed that into them, as the person they should always shake hands with is the manager, as they are the one who get a lot of stick and should be respected, being they are the ones that pick the team.

So here we go towards a new year and get back out there and spend time with the people who I love, who genuinely love me back and enjoy the year instead of scrapping through it, like I have done this year.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X