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This post is in relation to one I have posted before, and wanted to touch on this subject again, because still there are people who want to do harm to people, and as far as I am concerned has no place in society when they do so.

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Being Super Human

Bullies and those that carry out abuse to another human, do posses a certain criteria.

  • They will blame other people for the abuse they carry out and bullying, whilst carrying on abusing and bullying
  • often they will diguise themselves as nice people at first to cover up what they will do, once they have won a person over. This overshadows often those who are genuinely nice
  • They will exclude and put people in a corner so that person has no where to go
  • A hug or sexual contact is not genuine and false, and is manipulation, and you can tell when they begin to get aggressive or slowly show their violent trait, that they are going to get worse,

If you spot any of these signs,

“Call Out and Get Out”

11,374 Domestic Violence Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from  Dreamstime
This Image is for my Abuse and Bullying Campaign

They are just examples above and as far as I am concern they are Cretins.

You may see yourself as a constant target, because you are a good person and they are jealous of everything you do.

Ignore and fight back, but there is a song by, Kelly Clarkson, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. I remember reading a guys article disputing this line, but it is true because you can come out of the other side, you often spot the signs quicker and find that you do have inner strength, that you never thought you had.

As soon as someone takes jab at me, I will strike a bigger blow and you can do it too, and I do think that they should teach self defence in schools, to help and teach children to be street wise, and be able to fight back.

Can you still run a business when you know there are people against you ?

Absafuckinglutley, and in fact you should in all busnesses you run, if you have staff that work for you, you should have an Anti bullying or abuse policy, so if it carries on, you can deal with it and stop it.

Noone has the right to prevent someone in doing their job or run a business, and those Cretins should be moved on and given an instant Criminal Record, if not banged up in Prison, as soon as it has been proven that they are guilty and for their own safety as they can be their own worse enemy, as there are those that will fight harder and put those in my experience, not saying I have done this, but I know it can happen, in hospital, which really noone wants.

My dad as a kid was fed up of seeing me getting bullied and got me in the Living room and said right, and he gave me some gloves that were mini boxing gloves and showed me how to throw a punch, and it did protect me in the end, and no I don’t condone violence, but you can’t always walk away and I know I have said this a lot in my blogs, but want to keep saying this, because it is true.

So kick out and get those Cretins away from us, and keep fighting, being determined and you will still succeed, where they won’t because they get too caught up in hating people, who can build success and they can’t.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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