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What do I define as Super Human?

Those that do good by other people no matter where or when.

Some may shout Simon Cowell or Skeleton?

But having watched them on Camera they are just teeth and no action.

I heard that the contestants on BGT and the X Factor that they put them through, win and then soon after its taken away fr them again.

If you want to create dreams come true then do so, but honestly. People hate those that are bullshit.

Being unkind to those who are genuinely nice and down to earth as far as I am concerned isn’t being human at all as human nature is about nurturing one another not destroying someone because they are jealous, begrudging and can’t have what the other person has got.

I am not saying I am perfect I know I’m not I just love doing good by people. I am not liked by everyone, and I except that but if they haven’t said a cross word to me then I would not say anything to them.

Programmes like Jeremy Kyle show and the apprentice did highlight people who had nothing good in them and showed however much you disliked or believed in those programme, that YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE AN ARSEHOLE TO BE HAPPY OR SUCCESSFUL.

I do believe in one of the ten commandments that never judge or hurt those how you wouldn’t liked to be judged or hurt themselves.

You don’t have to Hitler to be a manager or a business owner. Respect comes from you and them in your world and be grateful to those who are kind heartened because there the people whom make the world go round.

So let’s be kind, strong and all just get along because life is short and it’s about being happy not hurting.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X