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List should always be about living the best life you can live, and that means developing a programme that advances your life.


Creating as many things that will bring you happiness, success and all round wellbeing.

First of all do a diagram or a organisational chart or even a road map of the direction you want to take, to create big things into your life.

Example: Becoming a soccer coach

Step 1= Play a game and join a football team

Step 2 = Do a FA coaching qualification or scholarship

Step 3 = Coach a team

You can map it out as you like, it’s just setting it out and making it come true.

I am a goal setter and I make goals for the year but break it down into days, weeks and months.

The other thing is to get rid of some of the old and bring in the new, a sentence that is sung in the Dina Carrol song, “A perfect year”. So anything that you no longer get anything out of now, toss it away.

If you get that “inner critic” in your head then listen to it and shut it down. Create a list of everything that brings you joy now and what will bring you joy, when it is added to your life.

Circle a few that you wanna add with no more than four items at a time so you stop giving yourself to much to do, and break it down so all you want to add to your life, you can. Often from my own experience when going back over this list, my things I want to achieve can change, and that’s ok.

So go for it, live your dreams and be the success you want to be.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie x