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Top 16 J.K. Rowling Quotes to Inspire Strength Through Adversity | Goalcast

To be successful it is important to be yourself and never copy as people will know that you have stolen someone elses idea.

When it comes to building an empire it should always be original and stand out from the rest.

My blogs have been doing extremely well because I share my difficulties as well as good parts of my life, because people who read my posts can relate to it as they know it is written from the heart as well from my mind.

Throughout our lives there are events which are out of our control, but when we manage our mindset it can help us to overcome our challenges and thrive in our lives.

I knew taking on the Great North run would take some doing, so I did train for it and I have written about this a lot, because it was a massive accomplishment, and one I am extremely proud of, and made me see that with sheer determination and drive I could do anything.

I have created a blog network, which is doing well for itself, and even though this passed few weeks have been tough, I do see a light and know that there are even more better things to come, and it is the old saying “When you full of a horse, always get back on”, because life is about thriving and living, not about existing.

So if you have idea, don’t throw it in the bin, but keep going and remember never copy as people will see through it, and that “Your only doing it for the money and because it is trendy”.

A business has to be created by your heart and mind, and have its own personal appearance, and have originality, and benefits people.

When I was working at Sitel I won many awards for my Customer Service, and this was due to taking a lot of emails, calls and online chats.

I did make mistakes but I have come to accept that mistakes needed to be made for me to learn for next time and the one thing I think helped me is I like to get in touch with people’s hearts and minds to, to help them and was always my biggest skill because people want to feel cared for and that there was someone willing to listen, and that was one thing I always did and will continue to do, to help them thrive and be happy.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X