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8 Remarkable Quotes on Work Life Balance From Successful People

Hi and welcome to another blog. So, many kids have now returned to school this week. It is amazing how much spare time you have, not that I didn’t enjoy the extra time I spent with my son, but the Lockdown since last week was taking it toll, to the point I was completely blogged out.

I spent so much time blogging as much as I could that I did suffer with burn out.

It is important when working that you have a healthy work life. I know it isn’t easy, but we can get so bogged down that it can become too much and before you know it you are under your neck with so much to do.

The one thing you should schedule is chill out or quiet time, to have a hot bath and read a book, or TV time.

Rest is just as important as working so make time for it.

Allow some proper wake up time, I don’t function correctly if I haven’t had a hearty breakfast or a cup of tea.

Whilst your child is a school why not schedule a day to reunite yourself with your friends, following the social distancing rules.

Still no many shops or places are open but doesn’t stop someone from popping around for a coffee does it.

Have a DVD night or TV night with some pop corn, crisps or other snacks.

It is all about making the most of every hour of the day. I find when I have had a constructive day that I function better and sleep a lot better.

So take some time out and create a schedule you know you can stick to. Please check out my blog post about my routine:

Establish a good routine to conquer a successful Day

Having a good routine can really help get everything you need to do done and be happy with yourself, rather than feeling bogged down or you have wasted a day doing nothing that has fulfilled you.

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