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Become More Productive As A Modern Age Entrepreneur - Multitasking ...

At the moment we are all in self isolation and there are many reasons why we can lose faith in what we want to accomplish in our lives aswell as like me I look at my bed and sometimes contemplate whether to lie back in it or not.

That can become the norm if we are not careful and end up wasting so many days and going over what we need to do each day.

Here are 7 tips on how to be productive during self isolation:

So my first tip of this blog is to:

Tip 1# Have a plan of action

What do you add is what you want to accomplish that particular day and a deadline.

Tip 2# Create a block schedule

Check out my own schedule I have created which you can use as a guide or to print off.

My Block Schedule

Tip 3# Create a daily journal

I have a gratitude journal and even have one I use to write gags in, Bob Monkhouse, always had a load of joke books and now they have been put away in safe keeping. If you want to create a bit of humour in writing a journal, or even put together an art journal.

Tip 4# Take time for yourself to see how much you can get done

We all need time out and there is no time like the present, but we can still be productive by scheduling TV and quiet time

Tip 5# Set a side to catch up on research to help build your skills and knowledge each week

I love to learn to things and often will do a course via Reed.co.uk as you can learn so much at little cost.

Tip 6# Plan as much as you can before Monday before the busy school run 

I always use my Sundays to catch up on any finished jobs like updating Henry’s school diary, go through his book bag and any last minute things we need ready for the school week.

Getting ahead of myself is what I am about so anything I am not able to do, I do at the weekends

Tip 7# Use your time wisely so mornings, evenings and weekends

These are good times for me and I also give myself some TV time for some evenings or catching up on Youtube to help do some research or to just do something different.

So I hope you have found this useful and until next time

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X