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Hello and welcome to another blogpost.

In this post today I am talking about Taking Control of your life.

Yes I am confused by the lockdown like many, the questions that came into my head were is do I go out or not? I can go to work but can only see one person, like that is possible?

The one thing it has made me do during this Pandemic is Take control of my life, by working on my blogs, books, researching for content and watching some Youtube videos, and really buckling down and do some work.

Just because there is a lockdown doesn’t mean we have to slouch in front of the TV we can still be productive.

I have been staying at my mum’s until I can find somewhere else to go to, my marriage has come to an end, so I haven’t had to do any cleaning as much but schedule my days better and have gotten so much more done.

It doesn’t have to be strenuous work just 5 minutes a day concentrating on something other than what you would normally do, can make such a different.

I have come up with more content for my blogs and I am in the process of developing an Online course, which I will be launching soon and started writing a book based on many topics covered on the blog site.

It is amazing how much you can get done check out this template from Word Excel that I use to help me schedule my work load.

blog schedule template

When I have days where I have felt a little glum I have listening to music, here is a song that I  have discovered which speaks wonders it is called “Nothing going to bring me down” 

So keep going and keep safe and lets hope we can return to normal very soon.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X