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Library of two people arguing clipart royalty free download png ...This year I have learned some home truths and that is some people are not what they seem to be and have become a huge disappointment.

I suffer with Social Anxiety and have done for years, but I have come to learn that it all depends on the people I have chosen to hang around with.

Since this year I have met some wonderful people, but there is always those who drag you down.


I wrote a blog called,

Dealing with negative people

It can be these people that cause other people to self sabotage and make you feel worthless, let me tell you that this is not about you, but them, so ignore them if you can and let them know that you aren’t happy with them.


I am a loyal person always have been and I stick with people through thick and thin, but I have been hurt by these people, that I have had no choice but to walk away. Relationships are hard and they do come in all shapes and sizes. I think that is why my blog community has grown, because when I believe in something like this blog people can see that and can relate to it.

Let me tell you now that you are worth it and go for the dream job you want or the lifestyle. No one has the right to tell you how to live and who you should be friends with, or that they shouldn’t do something.

As long as it has good intentions then go for what you want and aim for bigger and better things.

People have a dream and vision for a reason so pursue it and forget those who are jealous.

I will hold my hands up I have been jealous too and it is not a nice feeling as you become begrudging when do I really want to see someone fall or succeed? 

I want people to succeed in their life, not hurt anyone and thrive at what they do. No one has the right to drag anyone down because they’ve had a bad day, but be a shoulder to cry on if they do wish to discuss matters with you, rather than screaming and shouting.

Jealousy comes in all shapes and sizes, and for me is like having a parasite in the pit of your stomach to the point you feel this anger and resentment. It can eat away at you, and you end up questioning yourself, so I try go by the commandments in the Bible, which is,


I don’t like having a pop at someone, it isn’t in my nature but I will find my voice when someone I feel is having a cheap shot at me, and that I am not going to let it make me dive but to survive and succeed, and so should you.

So be happy within yourself and create a good foundation of people around you. I love being around others who want the same outcome as me, and that is to be a successful writer, to work in comedy, music and football.

It does come with hard work and you do have to be committed but it doesn’t mean you can’t go out and get it.

So good luck  and I hope you succeed and let me know of the things you have wanted to to do and achieved. I love hearing about these types of stories as I find it so inspiring and let me tell you have my backing all the way.

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Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X