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Women Shopping Royalty Free Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock ...

Often we act on Impulse, such as when we see someone fall over our instinct is to go over and help them, or we impulse buy and then regret it afterwards after looking at our bank balance and realise there is zero amount left.

So how do you use impulse thinking wisely?

Well if you see someone fall over walk over to them slowly but don’t rush over as they could have knife and so may attack especially if they have been drinking, and then crouch down like you would a child and ask “Is everything okay?”.

With impulse buying as like I do if I see a planner I feel the rush of excitement and the thought of I have to have the item otherwise it could go, but the question is, do I really need the item and what benefit will I get from it?

Impulse thinking can work for you or against you. Example we often get fulled by the items being at the checkout  encouraging you to buy, but often if you do the maths the price of that item can still workout to be more, than other brands of products and the impulse items are often on eye level to grab your attention on the shelves.

So next time you wish to invest in an item don’t go  with the first item you see, do the maths and look at the top and bottom shelves as the cheaper items that still taste good can be found on these shelves which will make you more of a saving.

When want to invest in a business we want to run we can do impulse thinking as you have to be quick at making decisions, like do I need a new domain name? Will this content be good enough? I often write my blogs on impulse, as it all depends how I am feeling and what is happening at that moment in time.

So use impulse thinking to your advantage so it works for you not against you and this can lead to everlasting success.

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