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I remember reading somewhere some time ago that it is impossible to be happy so you shouldn’t try, but isn’t that the point of life?

Lets face it noone wants to walk around feeling miserable or that there is no purpose and most of the time when we feel like this, going on my own experience is because we want to be happy but feel stuck in a rut not sure what to do next or how to get out of feeling unhappy, to be happy.

This time of year it is very easy to feel down because the rain, the cold and the short daylight can have many implications on our mood, because there can be little daylight and sunlight. We can often become unwell due to colds and flu, which can effect our mood, so wanting to share some tips on creating more happiness into your life.

  1. If you want to put your feet up and chill in front of the TV then do. Being a mum, which I share a lot about on my other two sites The Parenting Adventures Tips and Tricks and The Parenting adventures the birth of my son, (see links below) you can often be rushed off your feet with the school run, getting errands done, going to work and then its dinner time and be completely wiped out. So making time for yourself to me more so than ever, definitely if you are a parent, is to take some well earned time chilling with a cuppa and watching some good TV or like often my husband and I do once Henry is in bed will watch a film. We do this with Henry but when you have seen Polar Express or Peppa Pig for most of the days and weeks, as these are my son’s favourite thing to watch, you often just want that something different which is a bit more mature and the other thing is stop feeling guilty when you do have time to chill.
  2. Create a wish list. They often say you should stop wish lists and take action, but often we forget and when it comes to the end of the year we often look back and think “We didn’t do that in the end, I wish I had, nevermind we’ll do it next year instead” then next year comes and again that wish didn’t happen. I live by lists and it is how I take action, get things done and its good to make a wish, plan it, book it, do it and its good to have things to look forward to and crossing my wish lists off is very satisfying indeed. As I see it a goal is a wish, you just have to make it happen and set a date like you would if you were to book your wedding for example and stick to it.
  3. Write a book. When I told people that I had written a book many said “I would love to do that one day” and you can. I am not academic but the one lesson I have always loved is English and I love writing stories. If this is something you have wanted to do, then put pen to paper and write away. It can be whatever comes into your head, plan it out first if you wish, but once it is out on paper and you have developed a draft then you can fix it, edit and shape it out afterwards and let your imagination run riot, often the craziest of stories are often the best, example Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, they are stemmed from books and someone’s imagination. There is no real Hogwarts it was what was in J K Rowlings head, so don’t feel feared by your mind but enjoy it and be as crazy as you like.
  4. Create a happiness ritual. So if candles are your thing, I find scented candles in particular in the Autumn and Winter and in the evenings very calming and soothing, and in turn makes me very happy. It can be that simple, just making something that calms the mind and makes you feel blessed rather than “Nothing makes me happy” then do it. When we feel blessed, relaxed, calm and at peace, this is creating happiness.
  5. Cleaning and giving your home a makeover. When we see mess we can often feel overwhelmed, we want to hide away from it and feel that its always going to be this way. I have to say I do find even though as a child I hated it, find it very therapeutic, as once all the clutter is gone and the space is shining it is very, very fulfilling. Once done give yourself a well earned reward, such as a bath, read a book or some quality time watching some TV. Also you can have fun whilst cleaning and declutttering aswell, like create a simple display. We do it at Christmas, halloween, valentines day and Easter, so why not everyday, and you can use everyday things. See example below. Plus you can use this time to listen to an audiobook, a playlist on Youtube or a podcast.

    This is my sons bedroom and an example of how you can create a simple display

  6. Create yourself a meal. Can be your favourite one or one you have always wanted to make. If you are sick of eating meat for example and have wanted to make a vegetarian meal then give it a try. Learning a new skill can be very satisfying and once conquered you find out that you have a hidden talent for cooking all a long, even though you may have doubted yourself and that you can achieve anything once you put your mind to it.
  7. Exercise. I love to keep fit as it does help me get going, and often in the week and at the weekends I will set my alarm extra early and get up to do a workout before my day begins. It really helps boost my energy and set me up for the day and often it isn’t for very long, but once it is done I feel awake and like “Yeah bring it on”. It doesn’t have to be for half hour or an hour. You do how long you want and increase the time or up the tempo as you go. Really there are no rules as such just make sure you wear comfortable clothing so when you sweat this doesn’t cause chafing and irritate your skin and do cool down and stretch afterwards, because once you sit down afterwards often your muscles and joints can become stiff. TRUST ME I’VE BEEN THERE!
  8. Dreading the Christmas parties and putting on weight, getting drunk as skunk again, then my advice is don’t allow people to buy you a drink but stick to yourself. This may sound tight but often when we say we want a Coke or a glass of Lemonade instead of a Vodka and Lemonade you can get a look to say “WHAT Whats the matter with you?” and have “Oh go on its Christmas” and as I have often done when I was younger I would say “Oh go on then just the one” then afterwards once I lost count of how many drinks I had, being put in a cab prepaid and completely wrecked, regretting what I did the night before and feeling dreadful the next day. If someone offers you a drink just say politely “No thank you I’m going to stick with myself tonight” and then you can buy a drink without the pressure and often buying rounds is very costly. If it is a free bar go and get a drink before anyone offers to get you one. Easy said then done, here’s a tactic. When your glass is almost done, make out you need the toilet then on your way back pick up a drink and then you have one before someone sees you and gets you one instead that is non-alcoholic. Another tip with food, eat before you get there and then you have less chance of nibbling that party food.
  9. Read a book about being happy. I remember being recommended by a friend a book and I wish I could remember what it was actually called because it was a really good book, and it really helped. It told you about feeling guilty when we say no to something if you for example can’t meet a friend for lunch or go on a night out because you are just too tired, and often we can feel guilty and then feel bad and unhappy with ourselves and it explained that if they take it badly its their problem not being mean, but its true and that often we say Yes to not make that person feel bad knowing we aren’t going to enjoy ourselves because we are too tired. It just hit the “nail on the head”. There are many books out there, I often get mine from either Amazon, buy it on Audible, the library or I check out a charity shop.
  10. Find new people in your life. I have come across many people through my life and many have made me laugh out loud and just make me smile,and look forward to seeing them again, and others that have made me feel miserable and dislike the world. Let me ask you, do you want to spend time with someone who makes you feel hate or one that makes you feel life is worth living? I know which one I choose. If there are people in your life dragging you down and feeling very negative, complaining about everything and bitching about people who you actually like as often there are unfortunately people who will try and turn you against other people then GET THEM OUT OF YOUR LIFE!

Happiness does exist and sometimes it can be hard to find, but once you do, your faith in people will come back as often we can lose faith, and your faith life will come back too.

I would love to hear of how you stay happy or what has helped create more happiness into your life aswell. You can leave a comment below.

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I wish you all a very good rest of the week and I will post again next week.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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