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First of all I have to recommend you watch some of the Mel Robbins videos about handling certain things that may happen leading up to Christmas. She did a recent one about never feeling guilty again and another about what not to talk about during Christmas and toxic family relatives. See these videos below.

Anxiety can creep up on you anywhere and can be caused by many things and can be triggered around this time of year, because of Christmas parties and seeing friends you don’t often see and family.

I love my family but there has been some feuds, example one of my Uncles who sadly isn’t with us anymore didn’t like the fact that we my mum (his sister) and my auntie (his other sister) were still in contact and friends with his ex-wife and when my mum and dad got divorced my dad couldn’t be in the same room as my mum and her new husband.

This can cause a strain because you do often have to dived yourself and often as I have been there, feel we have to lie about seeing the other person or not mention them in case it triggers that other person to start being very negative towards you and that other person.

At Christmas parties at work, there may be someone who is bullying you at work or you just don’t get along with and you are weary or fearful of them starting on you at the Christmas party.

My first tip is: Think about the people who you do look forward to seeing at Christmas or work with and focus on them, not on the person being negative. If there is a member of your family that doesn’t get along with someone else in your family then arrange to still see them but at different times. Example we often would spend Christmas day at my mums side of the family and boxing day with my dads side of the family. If this isn’t possible them why not spend time with them during the new year instead of Christmas.

Handling anxiety during Christmas is learning what causes it in the first place and so looking back and writing it down can help you find out what it truly is. This does mean digging deep but will help you manage these thoughts and come up with a solution. If it is about the food or if someone won’t like your gift then have a chat if you can with that person to find out what they would really like. Asking is often the best option and when it comes to food if someone offers to do it instead or help you, take them up on it and plan ahead, and go through the items that are worrying you first so you can help prevent the worries from happening.

To have a Successful Christmas isn’t about everything being perfect, sometimes the best memories are often when someone has gotten the wrong gift or spills salt into their dinner because the lid fell off the salt shaker. This would often happen at my Nan and Grandads at Christmas, yet it still makes me laugh and smile.

I gave my husband one year because I forgotten what it was I had bought and it was a year that we said we wouldn’t buy each other gifts but he did and so I then panicked and realised I had a gift. I thought it was a shaving kit, but turned out to be a car cleaning kit. Back then he didn’t have a car or licence but was very funny and he did see the funny side of it, and I did buy him another gift so technically he got two presents and it was fine.

If you are worried about drinking too much then don’t get into rounds and stick to buying your own drinks. This isn’t being tight or unsociable but saving yourself and them money, and you don’t have to worry about being pressured to have a alcoholic drink if you do not want one.

Worried about debt, save from January to December and even a little bit put aside can go a long way. Yes set a budget and check out Jordan Paige Youtube videos as she gives some great tips on how to save for the holidays.

So have a super Christmas, I will be posting more as we get nearer to the festive season, but until then have a super week and weekend.

Many thanks for reading.


Carrie X

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