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I read an article a long time ago, whilst waiting to be seen by my dentist which has stayed in my mind. It was about how this woman who wrote the article was striving to be perfect, have the perfect body, eat the perfect diet, etc yet she felt completely miserable, and didn’t get any real benefit from it what so ever.

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Yes she was losing weight but instead of feeling like “Yeah I feel great” she felt tired, hungry and had little motivation.

The one of things that stood out of me in this article was when she wrote that, everyone’s perception of the word “perfect” is different, and that’s the same for me as far as I am concerned when it comes to the word success.

I was so insecure at an early age that the way I looked and felt really bought me down, and I would avoid mirrors, hate trying on clothes in a fitting room, because lets face it, they aren’t the most flattering of mirrors in some changing rooms, and at school there was a girl called Sherie who seemed to be beautiful, hair, face, height and nice and slim. She was very popular and everyone wanted to be friends with her.

I would dream constantly about being this girl and what it would be like for a day, and what it would be like to be that pretty and that popular. However looking back she wasn’t super confident really, when she first began at school as she started a little after I began school, yet we were in the same class, she cried for a whole day because she missed her mum,

She was the sort of person that constantly had to have people around her, yet looking back I liked the fact I got a bit of space. I did eventually make friends and she became my friend, and I would go to Sherie’s flat for tea after school, but I didn’t need constant attention by loads of people.

At the time I thought she was the most perfect girl in the world, but in fact she wasn’t. I remember coming home from secondary school seeing her coming home on the bus and causing a bit of trouble with the bus driver with some other kids.

She by any means was perfect. NO ONE IN THIS WORLD IS PERFECT!

Life isn’t about being perfect but thriving in life, creating good habits that will fulfill your wellbeing and aiming to be successful in what ever field or path you choose.

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What you need to understand is the word perfect is like the word diet, there is so many different types that make you believe that if you follow this diet, you can look like this or look like that celebrity, but it isn’t real. No one in the world is the same, but if there is someone who you admire than learn from them to help implement changes to what they do to feel better about themselves that you could use, but never copy because what works for one person doesn’t mean it will work for someone else.

Be your own person and get to love your imperfections. Seeing peoples imperfections is to me more endearing because they are just being who they are, and not bothered about the word perfect.

So aim high, created positive changes but never try to be perfect because as far as I am concerned there is no such thing.

Thank you to those who have given me such wonderful feedback on my blogs so far, on this site and for those who have been reading and enjoying them. Let me know what the word perfect means to you, and how you try not to be perfect. You can leave a comment below.

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