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I was inspired to write this blog since coming across Tracy Hensel video “Today’s habits determines tomorrow results.

I’ve recently had to control my eating habits, as I have been diagnosed with having Type 2 diabetes. I know creating new eating habits will make me feel better about my self in the long run and feel more healthy.

Check out Tracy Hensel video below:

I made a video some time ago which I found on camera which I did post about making life changes, and creating new habits will help continue those life changes.

Just creating simple habits can help, like reduce the amount of coffee you drink or opt for decaf instead, which is one thing I have done, going on a long brisk walk once a week, or start a gratitude journal, having a huge clean up once a week.

It doesn’t have to be rocket science, it just has to be something that you feel needs to change, to help you feel better about yourself.

I have struggled with having low self confidence, having constant anxiety, and feeling continuously anxious all through my life. Making life changes can really help control those feelings, by making small gradual changes.

So want to make some changes to your lifestyle? Then why not start now, it is never too late.

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Carrie X