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Building self confidence has been something I have had to work on through out my life, and there are times when I feel a massive wave of confidence and some days where I have wanted to just hide away somewhere.

Here is a really great video by Tony Robbins, who talks about Creating Unstoppable Self confidence. See Below:

He talks about self sabotage. I am guilty of doing this myself, constantly criticizing things I do, like when I film for my Youtube channel and that nagging thought of is this good enough?

Why would anyone watch this?

I now listen to it and learned to push it away, and think of the good things I am getting out of filming for example, like I want to share how I clean my home, and things I have bought and how I handle lack of self confidence with others, because I enjoy it and want to build my blogs and Youtube audience, as I want to inform others who share the same interests.

it can be constant battle in your mind when it comes to building self confidence because that inner critic constantly wants to have its say, but learning to answer and handle that critic is the way to building better self confidence.

I would love to hear from you, if you to have had to work on your confidence and what you have done to build your confidence.

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Carrie X