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Not sure how to begin this blog, because I don’t want it to appear that I am using someone’s death to make profit on my blog. That isn’t what I am about, but I feel I need to write this blog, because of how short of a time a certain special person had inspired me.

His name is Peeweetoms. A Youtuber who made inspiring videos about his life coping with terminal cancer.

I wasn’t even sure of which of my blog sites to write this on, but I feel I need to pay this tribute. If you want to watch Peeweetoms videos then click here to watch his channel.

He made you aware of what cancer can do, and to encourage others to get checked if they too are worried about having cancer, and not to be scared.

Sadly he lost his battle but his memory and his videos will live on, and will carry on creating awareness to others too.

Many thanks Dan you are a true saviour.

Thanks for reading,


Carrie X