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Sometimes I have to admit that on certain days I do get so overwhelmed that all I want to do is crawl up into a ball and just disappear.

Being parent I find can add to those feelings, as much as being parent it is rewarding too. There are sometimes no space for me to scream out “Don’t do this”.

So finding peace of mind can really help. The one thing that always brings me peace of mind in an instant is music, I couldn’t live without it, it has been my thing I have loved and given me escapism all the time, when times were tough.

It is important I feel to have peace of mind, just to breath in and  breath out, and switch off from the everyday pressures that I  have faced.

Here are some tunes that bring me peace of mind at the moment.

I love these types of tunes as they instantly help ease the mind and let feel at peace with myself, and I fill that is important to gain control of the mind. There have been times where I have lost control and when that happens you can end up in a very dark place in your mind.

Listening to some chill out music can be empowering aswell as giving peace of mind.

As soon as I hear it, it makes me stand still and take moment to just listen to my breathing and switch to my positive and empowering side of the mind.

So if you are stressing out find you peace of mind, whatever helps whether it is in music or getting fit, peace of mind is what we all need at times.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X