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Now I will be doing some more Reset videos for my Reset series for 2023 as it has really helped in rein myself back to go back on lists not completed and go through what still needs to be completed before planning anything else and change my habits to stop putting things off and I did a video on my main Youtube channel about Resetting your life, https://youtu.be/kmR-iY_qQNU because it has made a difference with trying not to do too much, and break down all the things I want to do, like spending time with my son and I keep myself informed of what my son has been learning at school, if he has any school trips and I will often volunteer to go with my son to help and that I write each day and stay on track with my blogs and working on different projects I like to do each year, aswell taking time away and taking regular breaks and making sure I sleep well,and be properly rested.

When we have many tasks to complete it can make us procrastinate and not be bothered. So I will do a brain dump and recently using one note created a tab called “What I really want to do this week”, and this has helped to go through what is important to me and what can be put on hold and be done on another day. See screen shot I took of this new tab.

I will be making changes to the videos I do for my channels and thinking of creating a different channel for my Life coaching videos and like doing days in a life videos, but I would like your feedback. So check out my channels see listed here and let me know what type of videos would you like me to do and if you have topics you’d like me to talk about.




Anything that is going good for me I continue, but if I feel that there are areas of my life not working like changing my morning routine, I will then go through it and change it so it is better and I am liking my mornings now.

I like my evenings, but not liking my afternoons because of my diet, and want better lunches, because I find myself going for snacks, rather then having a more healthier lunch that fills me up and boosts my energy as the one thing I have been doing after lunch time is a workout.

Set yourself time to spend in working on you. If you want to have a bath but you worry in case you get interrupted or you feel you don’t have time, then schedule it and pre-plan to see if someone can look after your kids so you can have a nice bath with a glass of wine.

Have a bath with your kids, I used to take baths with my son and I know some people will frown upon this, but sorry it is a great way to save money and bond with your kids and then he took baths on his own I would sit on the toilet sit with lid down and sing songs and talk and good time to catch up on your kids day and now we have a good night time routine too. Let me know if you’d like me to do routine videos on my main channel Typical London Gal.

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