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I wrote this blog for my google blogspot: https://buildingselfconfidencetud.blogspot.com/2023/04/being-underdog.html

It talking about the being the underdog and in writing this I feel I have been a underdog when taking my dancing because I made a few mistakes and always passed but there were other pupils at my dancing school that were better and it took me ages to have 100% all high scores and when I played football, when I was picked to play at my Primary school was the underdog but I still played and to be the best you have to play against the best. Andy Murray was against Federer but then went on to win Wimbledon and other tournaments.

England football team against teams like Argentina, Netherlands and Germany we have been underdogs yet we still won and countries like Brazil, but we still qualify and still got to the final stages and from defeat you learn, and Gareth Southgate still turns up and picks players who could possibly be winners and stand a chance against teams that are seen as top rated international teams.

It doesn’t mean we have a chance, in fact it means we have more and seeing others succeed can be really a boost to be good at what we want to be good at or be better at. I was already naturally bodied to dance and play sports. That is down to coordination, but so did many of the other dancers I would dance with and made me improve and put in the effort in to be just as good.

This means competing against yourself and be better than what you originally was and challenging yourself, turning up to every lesson and visualising me doing the routines and steps, to practicing at home and watching professional dancing.

I want to pay a tribute to one of the judges that was on Strictly Come Dancing, Len Goodman,who whilst writing this blog I found that he has passed away as I went to see it and is one of my favourite TV shows and was his last series. He was such a brilliant judge and had watched him for years when you had the show before strictly, called Come Dancing and never got to see him dance but was such a lovely guy and wished I had as he was always cheering for those who were underdogs that never danced before and are the ones that I find most inspiring because it takes guts to want to perform in front of millions of people all over Britain and not danced before. Not saying I dislike the ones that are good and already contenders to win it, but it’s difficult and many like Ore Aduba who I did meet, have gone on to win it, and not danced ever. He didn’t even dance at his wedding.

It is a lot about trial and error, picking simple little tips and learning as you grow to be the best from being the underdog.developing your skills. We all have things to learn and I am the underdog being a self published author but this makes me want to write more books and continue to work towards having a best seller. It does take time but with persistence and determination it can happen, what you put into your dreams and ambitions is everything, so stand up if you have been underdog and gone on to be successful in areas in your life. You can leave a comment below, and love being inspired by other people its what helps me to grow within myself and out, and good luck with achieving the things in your life I have your back all the way,.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X