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What is it all about?

Well since 2021 I wanted to help others during Lockdown with my blogs as it was tough on all of use.so wanted to reach out and make a difference. At that time I was recovering from struggling with my mental health but I wanted to help people at the same time by teaching about building your life for a better year that has helped me. Life comes with challenges however much you avoid them but you can get back on your feet. If I can do it so can you. That is my moto. I want to see others succeed and be happy. It can take a lot of time but once your there you find that it is easy to control.

If you wanted to know I was diagnosed with Psychosis, and was in a bad way for a while. I did take medication and spent some time in a Mental Health hospital and was what I needed. I was depressed and lacked energy, and was very anxious and it affected me socially and emotionally too.

I got my life on track by starting to pick my son up from school again and by changing my habits and doing the things I love and doing lots of walking, spending time away from social media and setting new goals. I was in debt and now paid off one and now got one debt to pay and have began to save again and rebuild my relationship with money and making wise choices.

So this year it is my third year doing my life coaching program and if you didn’t I have made changes, check out my previous blog: Changes to my Life Coaching Programme¬†2023

It will begin on the 1st May 2023 and will be a bank holiday in the UK and will finish at the end of August. I am creating a printable which is almost completed, and will show the blogs and videos I will be filming, but there is so much I want to include but don’t want to bombard you with blogs and videos, so going to go through what I want to share and if you have any questions or specific topics you want me to add, then please leave a comment below.

This program is free and no cost at all, but going to create some online courses based on these programs and so when this is done will blog and let you know.

So I will blog again as we get closer to when my Life Coaching Program begins with the printable I am creating and what I want you to take from it. I do have a board created on Pinterest with resources and tools to help:


Have a good Sunday and please give me feedback, it honestly really helps.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X