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Yes here we are and I am so glad for the feedback from my previous yearly life coaching programme blogs and videos, I want to begin today and was going to put it on hold because my son was unwell and had time off school, but he is a lot better so lets begin.

I have a printable that I am creating, and so this will be up by end of the week and it is all about what is coming up and what I will sharing in this years life Coaching programme.

Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com

So first of all I am not a medical professional, I am a mum and have worked in Customer Service, worked in Childcare and worked at a holiday resort but recently did some courses in Mental Health and how it affects adults and children as I want to work in Childcare and Healthcare.

I wanted to create this is programme from sharing my own story who has had a mental health illness and struggled in life and feel I know about life now being in my 40’s and had to work on myself to be a good mum, daughter, sister and overall a good human being.

I want to help people be happy and not feel that they are alone. I want you to be able to create dreams and ambitions and build a life that makes you smile and a reason to get up in the mornings. There were times where I’d dread each day and that is not a good way to feel. It can be draining and I have suffered with stress and anxiety.

My life has changed a lot and had to make serious choices like looking at my own actions that has caused people to be upset and angry, I have had to work on my principals and focus on what is important and take it easy as I kept getting burn out.

Life isn’t about doing 100 things a day or running 5 miles a day everyday when you have kids and pets, but setting time to just be with yourself and looking after yourself and doing what makes you happy. I like to exercise and glad it is part of my life, but I also like to rest and relax.

I like to have my first cup of tea in he morning and then a coffee and doing my son’s breakfast and getting ready for the day. That is an area I still want to work on, as I want to make more of an effort in terms of appearance as I do go into autopilot and go straight on to my laptop. I am not saying I have it all sussed but have a good understanding of life and want people to feel good. I want people to not deprive themselves and help get rid of the bad parts of their lives and how they feel about their lives.

There is always room for growth and getting to know yourself and being true to yourself. I love writing and I do want it to be one day my income, and be a professional writer and do have books already on Amazon. You can check them out under the names, Carrie Challoner, Carrie Lee Holmes and Carrie Holmes. I want to continue to be help my son and help him grow, by setting an example and help him follow his dreams and ambitions. At the moment he wants to be a train, which I have had to explain is not a living thing, but can work on the trains. Who knows what ambitions our kids have, and we can learn a lot from our children.

Just as a I write this first blog I am in my pyjamas bottoms on because it is bank holiday Monday and feel that I will get items done by being more relaxed and go with the flow. It is good to have a schedule but adding relaxation time is a must, and I like being snug.

So I hope you enjoy my Summer Project 2023 and all feedback is welcomed.

I will be filming videos too on my Youtube channel too, aswell as this blog site: https://www.youtube.com/@typicallondongal and have board on my Pinterest too:


Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X