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If you didn’t know my Life Coaching programme will be starting again, Summer Project 2023 and am working on a Printable which will be out next week. However I wanted to write this as I was watching Pepper Princess on Youtube and she was talking about how she is very minimal and spends nothing, and inspired me and wanted to write this blog, about creating spaces in our lives to do the things we love and stop doing the things we don’t love, and I like to create space to develop a positive mindset and stop feeling bogged down of the things I have that has no place in my life anymore. Part of creating is to let go.

This a photo of where my and my son walked during the Holidays and is in Morden Hall Park, one of our favourite places to walk

I did a challenge in March to declutter for a whole month and it was s therapeutic to see less around me and have continued, because I do want to buy some new clothes, as I have had a lot of clothes with holes and are too big and items I am never going to wear.Its not just clothes though, I have a obsession with notepads and now I am use mainly my diary and one note don’t need to use a notebook, and use them to help me make notes for the books I want to write and not going to buy anymore until I have used what I have and I feel good in creating this space. I would like my own stationary one day but not at the moment.

Then there is money. I have created a board on my Pinterest as I have rebuilt space to manage my money and not hide away from it. I did a video for my channel My Way of Living about my financial habits, because money however much you avoid it, needs to be managed and you need have space to help with that. I check my bank account everyday and feel that doing that has helped me be more financially happy and cut down on my spending habits and if I can’t afford something I don’t spend it.

Being a parent it is my duty and role to make space to spend time with my son and make sure I am fully present and that means stop my Social media viewing and this is a space that I am not willing to compromise, because I like this time. It has helped me keep fit because he is full of energy, and wants to play a lot and I am always in stitches because he gets me out of bed in the mornings, and will direct me when we play sport of where he wants me to stand, like when we play football he will literally move me to a space he wants me to stand and just writing that makes my want to giggle because they say that roles change as your kids look after you, but thought this happened when they are in their 20’s how wrong am I?

This leads to me making space to rest and recuperate.and exercise. Like I say spending time with my son helps me with exercise but do make the time aswell as that, by walking and using my dumbbells and mat, and do many different things, and use Youtube for a routine and then make sure I wind down properly each day to help me sleep well and rest, I no longer suffer with burn out and because I creating space to properly relax and make space to do some reading.

I love a good book and reading before bedtime after having a nice cup of tea.

Then there is space to have fun, with your kids, spouse or partner and seeing friends. We can forget to do this when we have a lot to manage, but again important. Set a date with your friends and meet for lunch. I have often meet my mum for lunch up London and just going for a lovely walk and being in a different place. The last weekend of the Easter Holiday I went to the South Coast to see friends I had not seen for a long time and it was a success, and not going to leave it so long next time and do more trips to see friends and family too.

I hope this helps you and yes as of the beginning of May I will begin my Life Coaching programme and so if you like to be updated of my when I post a blogs and videos remember to subscribe.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X